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Rapid Assessment Framework

Determining “What is most important?” is critical early in any effort. Working with imperfect and incomplete information is a basic tenant of business management.  We have developed an objective “root cause” approach to assess enterprise performance against a prioritized short-list of 89 critical dimensions of enterprise health. The approach can be conducted in a very short period of time, reaching a much broader representative base than traditional, qualitative interviewing methods, while adding a self-assessment and gap identification to initial issue identification and prioritization.

Business elements- Our base model consists of fourteen (14) elements, each containing a number of sub-elements defined by a range of four observable statements of business practice (“best practice” to “no practice”);narrative comments can be also be collected.

Business Elements (number of sub-elements)

  • Direction and management (8)
  • Community / Talent / People (10)
  • Strategy / Vision (3)
  • Goals and Objectives (4)
  • Process (6)
  • Systems / Tools / Technology (4)
  • Data / Information (4)
  • Organization (4)
  • Communication (9)
  • Culture / Core Value (5)
  • Environment (3)
  • Measures (4)
  • Investment Profile / Asset Management (8)
  • Relationships (17)

Technology- Utilizing a browser-based polling/survey technology, managers, employees and other stakeholders record their observations of enterprise behaviors with a user-defined subset of the 14 business elements they identify as substantial barriers to business performance. This multi-level assessment tool can very rapidly provide a picture for management from different perspectives, including any misalignment between positional and/or functional groups.

Company- and industry-specific language can be added to tailor the instrument, and clarity can be validated by first conducting the assessment with a smaller sample (e.g. management team). Individual anonymity is assured, but all responses are tagged with identifiable position/functional groupings.