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Swift Teams

We believe Swift-Teams exemplify the fusion of proven traditional change management and program management techniques enabled by emerging collaborative tools and methodologies, grounded in a “fail-fast-forward” philosophy. As an engine for driving process and behavioral change into the organization, Swift-Teams provide short-interval deliverables, typically within three to four weeks. Each team’s work is sequenced with […]

Change Management

Our approach to change is focused on delivering business outcomes and is steeped in practical experience of designing and managing hundreds of initiatives. While implementing change to achieve objectives with speed, predictability and control is complex, the elements summarized below are common to most strategic improvement efforts. Stakeholder & environmental analysis- Identifying and defining the […]

Rapid Assessment Framework

Determining “What is most important?” is critical early in any effort. Working with imperfect and incomplete information is a basic tenant of business management.  We have developed an objective “root cause” approach to assess enterprise performance against a prioritized short-list of 89 critical dimensions of enterprise health. The approach can be conducted in a very […]

Executive Alignment

Executive teams must provide both the vision for change and “active management” throughout execution. Each leader must constantly work through political and emotional barriers to arrive at a rational consensus, and speak to the organization with a single voice. We support senior leadership teams with decision frameworks, problem solving tools, individual coaching, and a flow […]

Responsibility Mapping

Clarity of responsibilities… …is at the heart of management, coaching, measurement, rewards, etc.  Crisply defined and reinforced responsibilities increase focus, integration and performance.  I cannot think of a more important layer to execution than making sure everyone knows who owns, who is supposed to do, who needs to review before an action, and those who […]

The Change Formula

If there is a single framework… …appropriate for just about every dimension of management, and particularly managing others, it is the change formula. And, while I found this concept mentioned directly in several change management references (particularly in the mid-1990’s), I have never seen it attributed to any source nor individual until I recently Googled […]