We have a hands-on philosophy

This may be an old fashioned concept, but we think if you hire someone, that is who should do the work. It has become the practice of the larger “business consultants” to assign the real work to entry-level personnel (most often with no real business experience) and then educate the “partner” on the key issues for presentation to the client.

We know the frustration; we’ve been on the receiving end of these “canned” presentations too many times.

With OPTIMUS PARTNERS, you get the partners knowledge, experience, and insight throughout the entire engagement; bringing decades of management and consulting expertise to support your specific business needs with standard and customized solutions.

When can we help?

  • When you want to make good things better
  • When your business plan fails to produce your desired results
  • When your leadership team is not achieving their true potential

And… we can do this faster than you can do it alone and much less expensively than traditional “consulting” companies would charge for similar work.